Sunday, July 6, 2008

A wonderful break

Uruguay was wonderful. The 3 hour ferry ride over was easy. The boat was beautiful and had really comfy chairs, so most of us slept almost the whole way (as we had to get up early, go to the train station, take the train, get to the dock etc all quite early in the morning).
When we got to Colonia, it was chilly (which gave me a nice excuse to wear my new jacket) but not cold by any measure. We wandered to our hostel which was adorable. We had 3 rooms in a really cute house-turned-hostel.


After dropping off our stuff, we began to explore. We ate lunch (really good pizza) and meandered through the old part of town with super old streets and buildings.
We hung out on a windy beach for a while, and enjoyed the scenery before heading to the lighthouse.

Beach & Lighthouse

Back at the hostel we rested and chatted for a while. We discovered our rooms were FREEZING. We watched The Negotiator before going out to a late, long, relaxed dinner.
After dinner we came back and hung out. We sang the national anthem just to be somewhat patriotic on the 4th of July.
Then we slept.
Discovery of the day: You can lock people IN rooms in our hostel... heh...Ben.

We woke up to wind. It was quite loud, but when we got outside the weather was INCREDIBLE. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Perfect. After a long, relaxed breakfast, we wandered through parts of Colonia that we hadn't seen then headed to a beach.

The Beach

We hung out in the sun and the sand for quite a while. It was lovely. After picking up our stuff from the hostel we headed once again to the center of Colonia to get ice cream! So good. You don't even know. Yum.
Two of our eleven went to catch a boat while the rest of us headed to watch the sunset. It was absolutely amazing.

7/11 of us

We killed time before catching our boat by shopping around. After the 1 hr ferry ride, we were back in Argentina and in taxis on our way home. We were exhausted.
I got home and my host brother had a bunch of friends over for a bbq, so we all hung out until very, very late...because it is Argentina, and people here NEVER go to bed.
Discovery of the day: They have mosquitoes here year-round...

Woke up at like 3. Apparently my family had knocked on my door to get me up for a fancy lunch, but I didn't wake up. I did, however, get up in time for lunch. It was delicious. Spent the rest of my day doing homework, oh joy. Now I am about to go to bed.
Discovery of the day: When you sleep in until 3, there is a lot less time in the day for there to be a discovery of the day.

Love to all, family!
Feel free to email me, I love hearing from you!
Aunt Wendy, As you can see, I have been quite busy, but I will respond to your email soon! Thank you for keeping in touch!

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Julie Villegas said...

Hi Christy,
Love reading your blog! Sounds like all is well. Makes me happy :)

The courses sound tough, but that's good right? You are learning lots. How's the project going?