Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meat party!

School, food, quality time.
Discovery of the day: meals here can last forever, you can talk over dinner for hours.

watching movies with my host cousin, host cousins gf, and host brother. However, I was lameHad class today, but no class tomorrow. To celebrate the lack of class, I intended to stay up late and fell asleep part way through the first movie...and slept all the way through the second.
Discovery of the day: Airplane is a good least the part that I saw was.

Happy Argentine Independence Day! I woke up and went to my host cousins' house for a bbq/birthday party/independence day celebration. It was wonderful. Sooooo much meat, soooooooo many pastires, soooooooo much family time. It was great. First we had lots of meat, then it was coffee time, then it was dessert time, then it was tea time, then it was dinner time. There was lots of skateboarding/video games/etc. mixed in. They tried to convince me to eat blood sausage again, but I wouldn't do it. They are cruel cruel people, but they make a WONDERFUL dulce de leche mouse.
After dinner, Vale and I had to do our absurd amount of difficult reading. My host brother was our human dictionary, but he didn't know all of it because a lot of the words were outdated and NEVER used. When an argentine college grad can't understand my homework, how should I??
Discovery of the day: My host brother makes a very convenient human dictionary

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