Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I promise to catch you up later!

Hey all,

Yea, yea my blog has been a little neglected as of late, but here are the highlights.

School, felt a little sick, then BATMAN with my host mom, michelle, and her host mom monica. we got back suuuuuuper late.
Discovery of the day: batman is amazing

School, then reading and essay. Oh joy.
Discovery of the day: they don´t have squirrels here!

Lots of essay writing, have a paper due tomorrow. Still recovering from not feeling great the last two days. Despite that... I stayed up til 4 in the morning playing video games with my host brother and his friend.
Discovery of the day: lemmings should never have been popular.

School and then goodbye lunch. It was fun (and tasty! pizza, empenadas, and chocolate stuff), hung out with everyone and said goodbye to some. Bummed around afterwards with Martin and Majo... good times. Talked to Martin forever then headed home to work on my paper. Afterwards, I went out to Acabar with people from the program and Martin. Acabar is a sweet resturaunt with boardgames. Fun fun! You know I enjoy my boardgames...
Discovery of the day: supersized janga is a baaaaaad idea...it gets dangerous fast

No school! I woke up suuuuper late and then magically ended up in a car on the way to the beach with Mono! Yay! I didn´t think that i was going to get to travel after the program was over, but i was wrong!
After a very, very, very long car ride we got to the house which was FREEZING.
Discovery of the day: Mar del Plata is a big city! And is beautiful!

Saturday, very early morning:
The robbery. Most of you have details by now, if not I will give them to you later... I don´t have time to type it all up right now. However, here are the highlights...
At Mar del Plata, Mono, his 3 friends, and I were all staying in Monos cabin. At 3 am 2 men broke in to the house and threw us all in Monos room. They then shut us in the bathroom for 2 hrs, checking in on us occasionally. At first we thought they just had big knives, but they ended up pulling a gun and threatening one of our group several times. After robbing us very, very thurougly, they tied us up at knife point (i dont think ive ever seen a bigger knife) and left. We all untied ourselves with ease and went to the police(no one had phones, they were all taken, but por suerte they left the car). The police werent there...great, so we went to get coffee THEN went to the police. All in all, I lost my computer (all my pictures, my essay that i was working on, my music etc) my ipod, my new camera, 400 pesos and monos cell phone.
Discovery of the morning: People here really are serious about socks...the robbers gave me SOCKS when they saw i was barefoot... They were shocked that I wouldn´t be wearing socks.

Saturday afternoon:
The police came to the house and looked around. I went to nap...shocking, I know. A while later mono came in and said that we had to go to the police to leave statements. We did that, it took forever, and was HILLARIOUS. I was soooooo tired and my spanish was NOT working. I essentially played scherades with the police officer who didn´t understand ANYTHING that I said. We then went back to the cabin and met up with other friends that were at there too. We all ate and hung out. Mono and the other 3 in our group wanted to head back, but I didn´t want to leave without seeing the OCEAN, so I stayed behind with the other group of friends. We went back to the house to dump my stuff then went out to surf and skate.
We hung out at the cabin (the friends cabin, mono and the others were gone) and cooked dinner, talked, etc. It was quite fun, then we all went to sleep early.
Discovery of the afternoon: Apparently police stations arent always open here....cool...

They told us it was late, but it was early...liars. We got up and saw ice outside...but surfing was still on. We went out to the beach and I sat in the car doing homework while others surfed. It was FREEZING. I had like 5 layers on (im not kidding) and i was still cold. On the bright side, i finished my essay. We then went out for lunch..dinner...stuff. It was tasty and the guy who owned the place was incredibly friendly. We then went BACK out to surf. I sat in the car, watching, and talking to those of the group who were smart enough to stay warm. They surfed until after dark, until they saw a seal and got scared out of the water (hahahaha). We then headed back to the cabin to pack up. On to the bus, on to the train, on to home.
Discovery of the day: If there is ice, surfing is still an acceptable option.

Woke up waaaaaay late and then went to San Isidro because the house was empty and I wanted something to do. I wandered around then came back home ( i had to jump the fence as i forgot my keys). Finally got access to a computer, then went out to American food with my host family. It was a blast. Mono didnt know about milkshakes, that was entertaining. It was AMAZING to finally eat a burger again, though the food here made me forget that I missed them.
Discovery of the day: My family here is wonderful and I am going to miss them!

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