Monday, July 14, 2008

Quite the weekend

I got a migraine and left class early. After sleeping forever I got up and spent the day sitting around the house. I hung out with my host brother and cousins at night and life was good.
Discovery of the day: The puppy is coming back!

Hung out around the house today and then ran errands with my host mom. We went around to drop my host brother off at work, went to pick up the PUPPY, then went for tea at my host grandparents house. Afterwards, we picked up Lulu from work and her boyfriend from the boat (he came in from Uruguay). Afterwards, I spent a long time talking to Lulu and her boyfriend, and then we made dinner together. Lulu is a chef and was babying Gonzalo and me as we tried to chop peppers (I am a pro pepper chopper now), make guacamole, etc. The three of us and Mono then ate dinner then I went to hang out w/ my host Mono and cousins again. We were out until 7:30 in the morning - it was absurd. My cousins tried to pop popcorn by putting it in the middle of a cellphone circle and making all the cells didn't work... shocking. I met a bunch of new people and had a blast!
Discovery of the day: Popping popcorn in a convection oven starts fires.

After getting up at 10:00 (yes 10, i really did get NO sleep), I spent they day laying in the sun. The weather was AMAZING. I napped outside, I napped inside, it was a nap-filled day. Taylor got in from Washington (we both went to Capital, and now to UW), and found his way (amazingly) to my house. We hung out and my family fell in love with him. After tea time, and dinner (eating leftover Mexican food (mmmmm)) we watched part of King Kong with my host mom before leaving with Mono. We went to his frirends house for empenadas to celebrate a birthday. Taylor and I then left to go to Martin's birthday! We danced FOREVER then left and danced FOREVER elsewhere with my host cousin again. Everywhere closed at around 5:30 and we parted ways. I went with Mono and two friends to eat breakfast because by that time it was 7:00. Then I got home...exhausted...again.
Discovery of the day: King Kong is a HORRIBLE film.

Sunday is bbq day. Oh what a good day. 16 of us (host parents, cousins, aunt, uncle, sibblings, bfs/gfs of fam, and taylor) sat around in the AMAZING weather and ate huge amounts of meat and wonderful food. We were given hats to wear because it was so sunny, I even got a bit burnt. It was wonderfully fun. Many of the younger crowd stayed late and played playstation soccer, had tea time, dinner etc. I had to do homework, but I had several human dictionaries sitting all around me, so it wasn't bad. Wonderful weekend.
Discovery of the day: Juggling is contagious... when one person starts, anyone who can juggle instinctively joins them.

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