Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Closing thoughts

Hey, just thought I'd throw one more blog in there.
I had an amazing time in Argentina! It was a wonderful experience and I have a few last bits of querky cultural knowledge to share:
- They don't have/know of rootbeer (but most know the word "beer" so they get really confused)
- McDonalds doesn't serve milkshakes
- They (my family) eat ribs with a fork and knife
And a few final upates from my end:
- I am still working on getting stuff sorted out from the robbery. It doesn't look like I will get ANY insurance money for ANYTHING that was stolen, but I will buy my dad's computer and camera off of him, and get a new ipod soon. I am out a lot of money, but thats what jobs are for, right?
- I miss Argentina like you would not believe. I miss everyone there too! I feel lazy being in the US where everything is in English. Everytime I think about talking to someone, I am a little bit hesitant because I forget that I can just use English...
- I plan on returning to Argentina for a semster starting in January of this year. Julie if you read this...I emailed you about staying before and never heard back. Therefore, I would like to begin discussing (as soon as possible) the options for winter & spring quarters.

Thanks everyone for keeping up to date on my life by reading my oh, so exciting blog!
It is a total relief not to have to write a blog any more! But it was fun having a way to keep yall updated.

Much love